The Importance Of Regular HVAC Maintenance

As a homeowner you can be sure as the sun coming up each day that at some point you are going to have problems with your HVAC system. Unless you live in someplace like San Diego California where all you need to do is open a few windows all year round, chances are your HVAC system is going to get a lot of work.

Depending on the part of the country you live in, HVAC systems requires different types of maintenance. But the one thing we can all do to properly maintain the system that in our control is replace the filter at least every 90 days. Anything that looks clogged and filled with debris means it is time for a change in the filter. If you don’t change it who knows what type of pollutants you will be breathing in every month.

Since the HVAC unit requires inside and outside maintenance it is important that you clean the filters inside but also make sure the condensate line is free and clear of any dirt and debris. You may want to pour a mixture of water and bleach down the loan to ensure that there is no algae and mold buildup. If this happens it will shut down the entire condenser and you won’t get any cold air in the summertime.

If the condenser does become clogged a simple fix is to go outside and locate the pipe where the water drains out. Simple run a garden hose up there and spray some water inside for 5 seconds. This should dislodge all of the algae and other debris that were causing the system to backup. You should see it all come pouring. This is a great way to save on a costly HVAC maintenance call that you can easily do yourself.

Make sure each month you inspect all refrigerant lines leading into the house to see if there is any damage. Immediate replace any damaged lines to ensure proper function and costly repairs.

Homeowners have a lot on their plate especially when it comes to keep the more important parts operating at their maximum capacity. If not it can put undue strain on the entire system which can cause a breakdown. There are many important tips to follow in order to keep it in good shape which is highly recommended you follow.

But one of the most important area that you must think about is your health. Replacing dirty clogged filters, keep all condenser lines free of mold and algae will lead to a home that has a clean and properly functioning air conditioning, ventilation and heating system. Anyone with respiratory problems are sure to appreciate that!

If there is a problem with the HVAC system that you cannot figure out how to fix, make sure you call the right company for the job. There are plenty of online website reviews where you can read statements from actual clients who have used these companies to determine how good of a job they did. Choose wisely to ensure that your HVAC system works great and you don’t have to worry about poor breathing environment.

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